oneSafe 4 password manager App Reviews

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Awesome App 👍👍

Highly recommend this App !!!

No CSV export

I cannot recommend this product because unlike other vendors they don’t offer an machine readable export function. You can export to pdf files but each entry is a separate file.

Good Need Improvements

I have OneSafe 3 and just bought 4 saw UI visually improved better for the eyes. Went through the import data from OneSafe 3 to 4 from Dropbox seemed to be fine. Tile view showed on card per row versus two cards per row. Is this a bug❓ Disappointed when add field had the same limited number of default fields. Need the ability for user add his/her custom fields and reuse as template, etc... Overall good app for managing passwords.

Reliable app and good support

I have been using oneSafe for a number of years and have found it to be reliable and I never had an issue. I would like maybe more templates or some that you can add your own fields. I would also like to call out the excellent support I received when I downloaded the Mac version. I wanted to export all my data to a CSV but could not. The Mac App crashed every time I tried to export to CSV. I wrote support and Olivier came back quickly. We worked over several days back and forth and a new update was issued which fixed most of my problem. Whether I prompted the version I don’t know but Olivier was very responsive. High marks

Wonderful app

I have been using this app for several years. It has been great to have all my different accounts in one place.

Great app and customer service

I upgraded and was having some issues. When I emailed their support team I got an answer back quickly and it helped me resolve my user problem of importing my data from the older version. Easy to use app love it and their customer service.

Great value

This App is very user friendly with a great interface and various methods of multi-device syncing (iCloud, Dropbox..). You can easily configure it as an extension to Safari to store passwords similar to Apple Keychain. So far, I’ve experienced excellent customer support via email. Only recommendation for improvement would be for OneSafe to completely conceal the master password when unlocking the app. If a hacker was to remote-view your iPhone, they’d be able to read your password as your typing it. The developer explained to me a potential 3rd party workaround, but it seems like something the App itself should provide.

OneSafe is King of PW managers

OneSafe is a convenient place store all your different passwords for all your different logins. It’s interface has nice aesthetics and it is quite easy to use. You see, I used 1Password before I started using OneSafe. OneSafe is heads above the competition and they take their encryption seriously. OneSafe is where it’s at. why did I come in here??

Trying to keep track of credit card info, passwords, etc are hard, even when you’re in your right mind. Passing menopause?? HA! I’ll never remember things again. But this app saves my bacon on the really important stuff.

Go to password app

This is an excellent app with great security. I use app on a daily basis. It provides me with all the necessary tools to organize my passwords and accounts all the while providing piece of mind with security.

No Complaints Years In

I have used OneSafe since it’s inception, upgrading at each interval. I have yet to run into any real problems, which is saying something after so long. The only issue I can think of is this: when I upgraded from the old app all of my categories were copied. Easy fix

Absolutely Necessary for Soooo Many Reasons!

I'm gonna try to keep this short and simple with mostly bullets on why this is such a great app. -It's not expensive for what it does. To get all of these features elsewhere you'd pay a whole lot more and still be missing something. -AES256 encryption, the highest level encryption available for this platform at the moment. So, whatever it is you want protected, it's *protected* -Multiple ways to secure access to the app. Between standard methods like PIN, Password, TouchID and Pattern, it has an incredibly sophisticated option called TRI-PIN. Honestly, the only more secure method I can think of would be a rotating code KeyFob! -Decoy Safe -Break-in Reports with photos -Icloud and Dropbox sync. If you have OneSafe on multiple devices this keeps them synced almost seamlessly. -Other security features like Spotlight Indexing, Self-Destruct, AutoLock, Auto Clear Clipboard. You can even deactivate 3rd Party Keyboards to avoid security loopboles that have been known to occur in those! -You can create multiple categories and each of those categories even has the option to carry it's own password. -Templates make adding data/docs/passwords/photos/whatever about as simple as it gets. Whether you're choosing to secure info like wifi network/FTP/Data details or if you want to keep a copy of the great pics of that special someone from college that you promised your wife you deleted or if you can't remember the combination to your bike lock (and everything in between) the team behind OneSafe seems to have thought of it all! I've had the app for quite some time now and the regular updates always seem to be on top of any possible security issues. It seems like any time they get a new idea they are pretty much hell-bent on figuring it out and making it happen. Yes, in the past when they've rolled out *major* new features and changes they have updated the app name to a new version (OneSafe 3 to OneSafe 4) and that change did require even existing users to spend a little money, but I have zero problem with that. ANY other app with half the features of OneSafe would be IAP'ng users into the poorhouse wanting money for every little option and then they would still want a monthly stipend just for the pleasure of Cloud Backup and cross-device sync. So if they want a few bucks for OneSafe 5 whenever IOS 12 shows up, I won't complain. (I just hope talking about IAP's didn't give them any ideas, LOL) I could go on and on because there's all sorts of features and options I didn't even get to. But I promised to keep it short and simple. 😁 Bottom Line: Quit reading my nonsense and buy the dang app already!

Must have and life saving app

I can't survive without onesafe really love it but please make it faster to open and add some effects when I first open the app otherwise it is perfect ❤️

iPhone never works

I have used this for years and always loved it. In the last 6month it never stays open or if it does freezes on my iPhone. Works great on my iPad but I need it most on my phone. Please fix this problem or I am going to have to look for another password ap.


I have MS and have severe memory problems. This helps me so much!!!!

A god-send

The easiest and most effective way to keep all my passwords together. I would be lost without this app. It was super easy to transfer all my PW when I got a new phone, as well.

Great App!

Easy to use. Keeps my passwords and other info organized and secure.

Great security, easy to use

This app provides peace of mind knowing I can have random passwords for all my accounts without the worry of trying to remember them all. It allows me to cut and paste so that I don’t have to type in the password into an account that I have a randomized password.

Brilliant with few flaws

I have done exhaustive research and I love this app! Finally a safe secure and intuitive way Romeo track of all my online accounts. There are a few glitches here and there, but overall it’s fantastic. Suggestion: make the add field screen available for ALL entries in every category. And sometimes the add died doesn’t show up until after you have saved the entry - this should be fixed.

Love Hate Relationship

I have been using this app for a long time. With so many vulnerabilities and hackers running rampant, there is an increased need to have complicated passwords for everything in life lol It is too hard to recall every password, especially in a crunch. Therefore, I searched high and low for something to aid me in my memory of ever-changing logins. I like that the developer does update their app and its not always the typical "bug fixes". They seem to periodically listen to customers and make adjustments. I know some have complained about customer service and I agree that they should invest some time and money to ensure better customer service; they take a very long time to reply to emails and it's unacceptable when dealing with an app associated with security, privacy etc. People need answers ASAP for these things and having to wait weeks for a reply is disrespectful. I almost deleted the app at one point due to the lengthy wait time for a serious inquiry. But, I can confirm that they will eventually get back to you, but by the time they do you are already SOL! I like how they added more customization options. I also like the multiple selection feature. The ability to add another layer of protection to specific categories was a nice addition. I like the tri-pin because it adds another option to create unique passwords. The reason I have a love/hate relationship with this app is because it falls short on some much needed features! One of my biggest issues is the failure to truly expand on user customization. I hate how you cannot create and save a user generated template! This would be super helpful if you wanted all the items under a specific category to have the same "card" (ie color, fields, etc). Another option could be to expand on the multiple selection feature; and allow users to select specific items and apply a template or card color to the selected items. I don't understand why this hasn't been integrated. It doesn't seem like a difficult task, nor does it make sense as to why this was not a "ah ha" moment to the developers during the past few updates/versions. Other features which need fine-tuning for them to be beneficial and useful to users are: icons and background colors. 1) Background colors: I don't see a point for these and if these need to be sacrificed to clear up memory/space for better features (like the ones mentioned above lol) then please please please ax this useless feature. The colors are bland and you barely see them. Initially, I thought the background colors would be helpful in distinguishing categories from one another on the main page, but negative! They don't do diddly squat to help with organization or customization. Ax these (to allow integration of better features), improve the colors, or find a way to make them beneficial. 2) Icons: I was excited about the new addition of icons. My gripe is the design elements of the icons they have within the app. They are terrible. Its most likely adults using this app, yet the icons seem as though the target audience was teens. They feel so Windows 98 "clip-artish" (ie the terrible icon with the chunky girl and side ponytail!) and the monotony of colors is annoying. Better icons please. Also, organizing/sorting of the icons would be nice. Because of the random childlike icon designs, it's irritating to sift thru the icons to see what carefully child created options are available for work etc. Some of the icons are nice, but many fall short and don't allow a professional feel. Having a mixture would be great. Overall, I really like this app and it gets the job done; I have not experienced any issues with security but I also don't input complete passwords into these apps (I prefer to put just enough to jog my memory! This is another layer of security that works to protect me from unwanted eyes). My only gripes, with the app, were discussed above and they are mainly directed at the failure to expand on user customization (and get rid of those features which are pointless). I will give them time to tweak things because many features are new with this latest version. Hopefully, they read app store reviews and don't let my time and energy writing a review (with feedback) go to waste. This is one of the main reasons I write reviews in the app store. My hope is for developers or their appointed staff to see comments from real users and react accordingly!

Never say, “I don’t recall”.

Keeping track of all those passwords and clever sentences and codes is heck for me. This app helps me create strong passwords and even usernames. They are all in a safe place on my phone which is always with me.

One Safe

Love this password keeper app, it’s the best I’ve been able to find. The only problem is when I upgraded my iPhone I now have almost double the records I had before. They duplicated and I can’t fix it.

Just What I Needed/Wanted

OneSafe has been a godsend. There is no way I could remember all of my different sign-ons and passwords. Being able to pick an icon for each of the entries makes finding the one I need so easy. As a senior citizen I am grateful for the direct/logical/friendly UI. Have gladly updated each time a new version comes out; it keeps getting better!

Nice app!

Convenient, secure, and fast. Nice alternative to the subscription based apps out there.


Thrilled with this app. 😉 I would love to see the developers add the ability to have a folder within a folder.

Perfect !

Great app!

Great App

Use it all the time.

Хорошее приложение.


I love OneSafe

This is a very good program to use. Very easy to use and very customizable and very secure!! Awesome Program!!!!

Great must have app

Love it

Great App!

Best app of its kind

I used to love this app

Having a lot of issues, mainly crashing on the iPhone X. Also if I export to iCloud and then import it on one of my iPads, regular new ones or a a 12.9” Pro and said replace categories and it the duplicates the entries. Sometimes it imports information but leaves out categories. I liked being able to have it sync up with my other devices for safety but will have to use local storage or more likely iCloud which both are manual exports and imports and does not automatically sync up with my other devices like cloud kit did in version 3.

Perfect for me!

I have a very bad memory and this app has been a life saver for me. It doesn’t have too many options that make it overwhelming yet it has every option that I need to keep my passwords safe and any notes that are super important. Love this app!!!

Loving this App

I had reviewed many apps before picking this one. It had excellent examples of the program for me to review first to see if this is what I was looking for. I have been happy with this program and very easy to use.. very happy

Don’t buy!!!!!!

This app just keeps crashing

Awesome App

Awesome app. Just need a way to export the information out into paper format just in case I loose my phone / mac. You then can store it in a safe deposit box for those emergencies.

Great way to store passwords

Very straight forward app and easy to use across multiple devices.

Great app. First time a password app was easy to use

Easy to use app out of all them. The app is great if I can figure it out anyone can no more having to remember where I wrote my passwords down . Great app

Use it daily!

Love the document feature. A good feature to add would be automatic tracking of last date a password was changed and a field for how often a password should be changed by site policy.

Great Password Saver

A secure place to store your passwords. It keeps my password available and secure and look up passwords constantly as they are asked to be changed. This app is an inexpensive and makes life easier. Recommend.

Simply the best!!!!!

Get it and make your life easier!!!


I really like this app. It is easy to use and I like how you can put the company’s logo on each card. Thanks for a convenient app.

Excellent product!


Perfect Password App!

Love this app! I've used it for a few years and have never had any issues. Super easy to use and trustworthy. I can't imagine using any other app. Definitely makes life easier!

Its nice

Helps alot. Really nice the icons, the functionalities, and bla bla bla.

Excellent App.... but special characters

This app has made my life significantly easier with changing and saving passwords. I use it almost daily. My one complaint is that there’s limited control on the special characters and some sites don’t allow the ones the app does. I wish there was a way to select which ones can/will be used. I’ve had to manually adjust the password so that the site, I am using it on, will accept it, which kind of defeats the purpose of randomly generated. I will add that I think the sites I have to do this for should add the additional characters, because “duh” more special characters means more combinations available, but many companies are still slow to catch on to the benefits of doing so.

Does not import data and crashes

I have used version 3 for several years satisfactorily. Upgraded to v4 (waste of $3.99) and encountered two problems. 1. Only one category of data can be imported. 2. App crashes frequently. Until this app works as promised, I do not recommend purchasing it. Deleting it from my iPhone now.


Would be a good app if it didn’t crash all the time!


Have not seen a more secure app around. A++++++++++


It’s so nice to have an app that simply works as intended. Five stars! Get it. Use it. You need it.

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