oneSafe 4 password manager App Reviews

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Love this app

One of the better password /personal information wallets/vault around. Very easy to use. I love that you can attach photos of documents eg passports. Saves a lot of work typing in the info unlike other apps. I also love that you can insert your icon from your library or from the net. My only suggestion is that under the ‘insert fields’ section, there should be a flexibility of inserting my own field or text instead of the standard ones as provided . Thanks for a great app !

Excellent PW manager!

This app has made remembering passwords, logins, and websites so easy to use. The auto fill functions of the logins and passwords make this app must have.

Not on Windows. Wife and I can share same list.

Downgraded to two stars because if I could start over, I would choose a password app that supports Windows as well as Apple OSs. I’ve started to question my need for this app. I do like that my wife and I can share the same list. My concern is the fact that it is only supported on Apple and Android - not Windows. When you consider that Apple offers its own perfectly seamless password management in the form of iCloud Keychain, the reasons to use this product are greatly reduced. It would be hugely beneficial to have this app available from Windows as well so I could access my passwords on my work Windows computer, but that is not the case.

Great app!

This is my favorite password manager on the App Store. Not only is is easy to use, it does not require third party accounts, nor does it require a monthly subscription. The addition of iOS 12 autofill just made this app 100x easier to use. Thank you!!


I love the simplicity of this app....

Awesome app.. until I switched phones

Been using this app for sometime now and loving it. Until I switched phones... and forgot my password. There is no “Forgot password” link... and no support number to call. It’s so secure even YOU cant access it! 😱😂. I had it set up on fingerprint so didnt have to type in password and now that convenience has turned into a major inconvenience. 🙄 So now I wait for their response which should be within th next THREE days. Nice!

Great support

I have had oneSafe for a few years now and find it easy to use. I’ve had some trouble one in a while and the support is quick and has been responsive each time. I love this app.

Awesome App 👍👍

Highly recommend this App !!!

It’s great but... not paying for another version

I know that it’s profitable to just release a new paid App instead of updating the old one. But please don’t do it that often cause there are other options out there. Not as good though but still.

Great App

Very stable unlike my last two password apps

Very Helpful

I’ve used oneSafe for years. Easy to use, safe & well worth the cost.

The best

I have been using this password storage app for years it is absolutely the best easy to use and with password protected backup that can be emailed or sent to cloud is perfect! never lose passwords again I’ve tried dozens of others and they aren’t even close to this one try it you can’t go wrong 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Love it!!

This is a fantastic app. It’s easy to use, and syncs across multiple devices. No longer using weak repeated passwords.


Been using the app for 2-3 years now and love it. Anytime I make a profile or login I add it in OS and I’ll never forget it.

Best Safe available!

No need to type anything, this is the app you will wish you knew it before! Needs more templates and a Mac/Windows version of it with auto sync.

Just the thing to manage myriad passwords

This has all the features I need for account and passwords. The sync feature can be a little wonky between devices (occasional duplicate entries) but overall a winner.

Awesome! Can’t live without it!

My absolute go to!

Life Saver

Not sure what I would do without this app. Sure you can use the password saver within iPhone, but this a much powerful tool with the ability to capture images and organize passwords into groups. I've got a groups for the kids tech stuff, school sites, work, house, you name it. You can cut/paste passwords, quickly view images of front and back of cards, i've got quick capture of work business cards contacts, no need to crowd the wallet, backup of everything outside the app is perfect. The password app i was using BEFORE this app also had back up that saved me when the developer decided not to upgrade ios11 I almost died. Fortunately I had a back up copy....This App also has this feature which is your back up as well.....

Best Password App Yet!!

I have over 100 User Name and Password combinations for Work and Home and have used no less than 10 Paid and Free Password apps. This is BY FAR the BEST!! It’s so good that even my employer of over 350 people started using it.

Great app

With more than 250 passwords that have to be reset every three months and cannot be the same as any of my last passwords I am absolutely dependent on OneSafe!

Great Security App

I use this app to store all my important info and it works great. Free backup online makes it even better.

Excellent tool for storing passwords

Works across multiple devices. Very easy to set-up folders. Double authentication required for most sensitive accounts.


I've tried a number of password programs both paid and free and found one safe to be the best. It allows different layers of protection. I highly recommend if you want easy to use with a wealth of information.

Get this app immediately

I recommend it daily, and I use it daily. Very stable-makes life in the internet era so much easier!

Can’t Live Without This App!

I’ve been using OneSafe on my iPhone and iPad for several years and consider it an indispensable app. Easy to use; does just what I need. Love the ‘triad’ protection; feel my data is more secure than any other place I could use. I have emailed tech support a few times and they have been quick to respond. It’s the one app I recommend to family & friends!


I have used oneSafe for a few years now. This app is FABULOUS!!! For me, it is a real time-saver, life-saver. I do use it just about daily. Love the colors. Keep making this great app as colorful as you guys can. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS APP! I have purchased another Password Safe just out of curiosity. NOTHING COMES CLOSE TO THE EASE OF FUNCTIONABILITY OF THIS APP! Get it... You will be so happy you did!!!!


So far: so good so nice so cool so awesome

Very easy password app

Love the new version of this app, especially the search feature. Give it a big thumbs up.

Great organization tool

I love this app. Strong encryption and the ability to access acct info across devices is awesome. Cloud backups are just icing on the cake.

Great Tech Support

I started out with the free app and liked it so well I upgraded to the 4 version. There is a great help section that walks you though using the program. When apple upgraded to 11 a Dropbox issue stopped it from sharing between devices. When I went to report it they had posted a message that they were aware of the problem and were working on it (and they fixed it). The have always answered my emails in a timely manner and resolved my problems. Don’t make the mistake of making all your accounts have the same password so you don’t have to remember multiple passwords. If you get hacked you will spend days changing your password on every one. Get this program and it remembers them all safely.

Sync issues since last update

I’ve used this for years and loved it. Since the last update the sync just isn’t reliable. I have to reset the cache every time I add a new item. I just can’t trust it anymore, time to find a new one.

Good app

It works to hold info on my credentials and I like using my finger to open it up.

Doesn’t sync between devices

Good security but changes made on one device do not sync with my other devices. If I don’t have both of my devices with me, I cannot log onto websites because I don’t have the newest passwords. Probably need to switch to a different password manager.


I normally forget my passwords, but not anymore now!!

Great App!

Makes the whole password management job a breeze. The sync across devices is a time saver.

Password Keeper for OneSafe Password?

I had to exchange my iPhone for a warranty issue. Everything was backed up to the iCloud from Apple and I had no problems with any of the apps that I have, except this one. I am at work and need to access my passwords, urgently. The problem is I get an error code saying that my iCloud was either deactivated or changed and I can only access this program locally. The whole idea about me getting this was that I would be able to use iCloud but in any case it required me to input my password instead of my thumbprint which I understand except, the reason I have this program is because I have too many passwords to remember. Including onesafe. I have gone through all the passwords I can think of in my head and cannot access this program. The app does not have any way for me to reset my password or any reminders. The support was not easy and hopefully they will get back to me before the three days is up (the time indicated on their support page)because I need to get into my computer today. As far as all the other components of this program go I would probably give it four stars. Password retrieval to get into the program… Probably the most important thing to me and I would have to give that a generous two stars

Nice app , but needs improvement

It made my life easier by keeping all passwords handy. But the waiting time of 1 min each time for optimization (indexing) tests our patience, please keep optimization once in a month or not at all if I have less than 1000 passwords.

Great app!!

Love this app!! No complaints at all


I wish I could give this app 0 stars. I backed up the app to Dropbox, iCloud Drive and exported a copy. All of the backups did not work when I got my new phone. I cannot express how upset I am at this application. It gave a false sense of security that my information was backed up.

Love this app!

Touch ID works every time so I don’t have to constantly enter password to access the vault.

Can’t sync between my devices

I am trying at any way to synchronize my apps at iPhone 6 and my iMac Can’t do it

Was great....not so much anymore

I loved this app on my iPhone. Freezes up on the ipad....always....reboot.....beta version...all unresponsive. Doesn’t sync cause it loves to freeze. Tried to tell developers but always get...Is you software latest version....try our Beta.....Yes. No results...thinking about jumping to another app.

Lifesaver app

With all of the password protection requirements-thankfully we have this added protection and location to store our important info.

Does what I need it to do

I appreciate the ease of use and reliability. It is challenging when I forget the initial code and have to reset. I don’t have access to prior codes.

Great password app!

I have used OneSafe for over 3 years now and it is great. I highly recommend it, with fingerprint ID it really is easy to use and stores around 100 passwords for me. It allows me to have different passwords for every account that I have where I use to use the same password across multiple accounts.

Great App!

I’ve been using this for almost 3 years now and I’m very satisfied with it.

Excellent protection

I really like that my passwords are organized by category and are available on all my Apple products. Great to copy and paste complex passwords. Would like to have a PC app as well. I use the iPhone app every day.

Couldn't live without it

•Easy to use •inexpensive, especially for all the features you get. •Saved me 2 years of gameplay and ~$1,000 when my phone refused to charge and I had to get a new one there’s an app by Bl****rd, it does not reinstall without a lot of crap, the guy at the Apple store said I couldn't get it back, I called the dev. But I didn't know my login or PW, I thought one safe was downloaded after this app. I checked one safe and to my surprise, it was the first entry I made and my favorite game was restored. •safe, never repeat passwords again, having a unique pw for each account=stronger security. •a rare combination of easy to use and full of extra amazing cool features for all the geeks! •easy to use, safe, extremely customizable, excellent value, save documents, photos, take photos in the app, and so much more. •The best purchase I've made on the app store. If you are relatively new to apps or a Computer Science Major this app is for you!


Like it. Desktop version is different and had problems meshing. Gave up using desktop awhile ago. Use iOS app version exclusively. Works well. Would be nice to be able to customize templates.

Nice app

Really nice to be able to access important info from multiple devices all in sync

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