oneSafe 4 password manager App Reviews

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Great Info Protection App

Simple functional and secure. Can’t live without it!

Still the best out there

I’ve been using this for 4 years and still love it. I keep everything in here and it’s always available. Great password app and organizer, I use it daily and don’t worry about forgetting or not knowing a password.

Wasted $8.98

Yep I'm stupid. This app was going to replace my old password keeper that no longer is supported by the new drop box. This one also offered multi platform use. I paid 4.99 on google play for the android and the App Store charged me another 3.99. Can't even get this one to start up. JUST FREEZES when I try to log into Dropbox. Just tired of getting ripped and off time and time again. Listen folks, I can't even get this to start up without logging into Dropbox now. I've even deleted it and reinstalled several times.

Excellent password manager

OneSafe is an excellent password manager. It is easy to use, allows categories, and allows you to customize password generation depending on the criteria you need. I use it on both my iPad and iPhone and it syncs changes across. You can also backup all of your passwords in iCloud, which you can copy to an external drive. The tri-pin security is great too for opening the app.


A interesting way to save/store/create strong passwords. I like it.

Great app!

Best app for security purposes...hands down!

Fantastic App

I have used this app for years and LOVE it. It works great and has many great features. Definitely recommend. The new version adds some great new features. It has a great updated look. Just keeps getting better and better.


OneSafe is user friendly, practical and functional. After trying many different apps finally found nd a keeper. Would totally recommend

Very bad support and backup

First of all, I used to love this app. Until they no longer support the old app and made you get the new app oneSafe 4. In the app it said the old users only needed to pay $.99. I purchased the new app and my bill was $3.99 plus tax. And I email the developer for help on transferring my backup to new app. I got nothing from oneSafe. I eventually figure it out on my own. When there will be oneSafe 5, I’m pretty sure I will not purchase it.

From just OK to Excellent

UPDATE: I've been using oneSafe for a while now and find it to be dependable. It's so good to have all passwords in one place. The issues I had before are resolved. Works perfectly.

Great app!

Just got this app yesterday. Very happy with it because I was able to import all my passwords from an app not supported in iOS 11 anymore. I didn't have to copy the many passwords and info I had manually but just imported the csv file! Great. Only thing to do this I had to buy the mac version of the app but it was well worth the $20! Could not be happier because if my phone upgraded to iOS 11 I would have lost all my passwords.


This app is very easy to use and safe!

Great app

Simple yet very secure (so far)

Excellent application

Excellent format with many different layouts, really great when you work for a company that ensures long passwords are used and have to be changed every three months, I could not keep up any more and this application solved it. Highly recommended

What happened???

I had given this 5 stars and loved for a long time, but the updated app doesn’t open for me!

The best!

Makes life so much easier.

Great app

Easy to use. I'm able to make better passwords since l don't have to worry about remembering them!

I use thisv app daily!

Awesome app!

Love it!

Excellent app! Super easy to use!!

Does not sync across devices

Does not seem to play well with iPhone 8. Won’t connect to Dropbox (hangs). Won’t sync all my data across devices thru any Apple service at all. Still works elsewhere, but a real disaster on the iPhone 8! It also rejects perfectly good passwords on one device that it likes elsewhere.

Very good app

I like this app very much. Thanks you 🙏

Glitchy and it freezes

I cannot access the app. I have been using the older versions for a few years. The app freezes when I try to import my data from DropBox. I am disappointed.

User for years

Excellent features, a must have app.

Ultimate convenience

With OneSafe, I can easily retrieve my passwords as well as check how safe and strong my passwords are.

Easy, secure & always there

Love it


Do NOT get this. I can't get access to any of my passwords after upgrading! I trusted them, so I don't have any of my passwords written down. They have royally screwed me.

Love this App!

The only reason I don't give it a 5 star review is that I'd like to see an expiration date or never expires fields, as well as reminders to change passwords before the account involved is locked because of an expired password. That being said, this app keeps me sane!

Solid Product

Works well enough for my purposes. Like most of these products it slows down as more items are added. Or maybe it's the iOS updates, I don't know.

Everything at your fingertips

Love oneSafe. Everything I need when I need it. Highly recommend.

Awesome password storage program!!

This program does it all goes you the ability to store all kinds of passwords from simple email,to more involved software to practically anything you can think of, I just wished they capability of customizing a custom password storage. Highly recommend!!!

Slower than ever

Still does a great job but this new version is slower than molasses

Best 32 bit Replacement

I love this app. Very customizable. Plenty of templates and very colorful. I love that you can sync all your passwords in the cloud to all your other devices. Only took me 15 minutes to learn this app from top to bottom. Can't go wrong for $.99, what a deal.

Great app!

Have been using this app for a couple months now. Had the older version and updated to the new one. New version is much better.

Se quedó corto

La aplicación se “quedo corta”. Faltaron funcionalidades, detalles que mejorar. Es más una mejora visual que otra cosa. Esperemos que sea igual de segura.

I cannot live without it nowadays

Awesome app

best app for security

very good app

Great app!

Been using it for the past few years, can't live without it!

Top Secret

Great program! Feel my passwords are totally safe.

A huge help.

There was a time I could easily recall this kind of information. That time is long past. OneSafe has it all right at my fingertips.

New interface is great

It is clean and easy to use

Best way to keep passwords safe!

Since I use a different password for every account I have, I would never be able to remember all of my passwords. OneSafe stores them for me safe and secure, which gives me one less thing to worry about in a world where cyber-crimes are an everyday occurrence. I don't even have to worry about remembering my single access password anymore because I use my thumbprint! How convenient is that?!

Great must have app

Love it

Great App

I love the ease of use. It would be interesting to see if they could put a feature in where if you create a new username or password for website, if there is someone of launching the app prior to and it detecting a new account and oneSafe asking if you want it auto added. If you update your password on that site, oneSafe would auto update the password. I’m sure it’s more complicated than this but where there is a will there’s a way maybe. I also thought at one time the encryption and password were DoD compliant? Regardless of these questions, I give it a 5. Bar scanner to upload info from a DL or another type of card would be great.

Cant import backup

Version 4 wont import backup. Enter password for encrypted backup and it does nothing.

Used For LONG Time

I've no idea how long I've been using this app now...many, many moons though. It's saved my derrière on many occasions, I've never had any issues, and when I updated to the iPhone 7 and it wasn't compatible with the free version in my cloud, I readily paid for the app without hesitation ~ I couldn't imagine using any other app!

Great, easy to use and NO subscription

Just love this app. I can enter all my information without a worry.💜💜💜

Great pwd mgr

Got this since didn't want to pay a subscription to Keeper. Been working great.

Make me pay again when I already paid, broken back ups

Serious manure here. Asked to pay again, for a new version, pretty unheard of. Then after 3x trying to restore backup, deleting, trying again, still can't have a complete accurate database. Third try just decided to start at letter I for no known reason.

Great Application for Passwords Security

Really enjoy using this application. Great interface and easy usability. Awesome features that allows you to store passwords on phone or cloud base along with integration across other devices.

Awesome App 👍👍

Highly recommend this App !!!

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