oneSafe 4 password manager App Reviews

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Does what I need it to do

I appreciate the ease of use and reliability. It is challenging when I forget the initial code and have to reset. I don’t have access to prior codes.

Great password app!

I have used OneSafe for over 3 years now and it is great. I highly recommend it, with fingerprint ID it really is easy to use and stores around 100 passwords for me. It allows me to have different passwords for every account that I have where I use to use the same password across multiple accounts.

Great App!

I’ve been using this for almost 3 years now and I’m very satisfied with it.

Excellent protection

I really like that my passwords are organized by category and are available on all my Apple products. Great to copy and paste complex passwords. Would like to have a PC app as well. I use the iPhone app every day.

Couldn't live without it

•Easy to use •inexpensive, especially for all the features you get. •Saved me 2 years of gameplay and ~$1,000 when my phone refused to charge and I had to get a new one there’s an app by Bl****rd, it does not reinstall without a lot of crap, the guy at the Apple store said I couldn't get it back, I called the dev. But I didn't know my login or PW, I thought one safe was downloaded after this app. I checked one safe and to my surprise, it was the first entry I made and my favorite game was restored. •safe, never repeat passwords again, having a unique pw for each account=stronger security. •a rare combination of easy to use and full of extra amazing cool features for all the geeks! •easy to use, safe, extremely customizable, excellent value, save documents, photos, take photos in the app, and so much more. •The best purchase I've made on the app store. If you are relatively new to apps or a Computer Science Major this app is for you!


Like it. Desktop version is different and had problems meshing. Gave up using desktop awhile ago. Use iOS app version exclusively. Works well. Would be nice to be able to customize templates.

Nice app

Really nice to be able to access important info from multiple devices all in sync

Best app ever!

I use this app constantly. It stores everything-pictures of my credit cards, front and back, user ID’s and passwords for websites, pics of my drivers license, all important info I need. If away from home I can easily access anything I need without carrying it with me. You can back up your info and it has locks and safety precautions so that no one but you can access it! I recommend it to all my friends. It is a must have!

Best password app

Love this app. It saved all my passwords & information seamlessly on all my devices.

A Must Have

If you have passwords.... Then you need this app! (Enough said)


One of the best apps in the App Store.

Horrible tech support

The original OneSafe worked great, so decided to upgrade. What a mess! Cannot access anything. And now I can’t access the older version of the app. So far this is the response from tech support “Thanks for contacting the support. Did you try to decrypt the data on oneSafe 4 with the password you were using when you created the items?” Waiting for a more helpful answer. If I don’t hear back soon, I will have to reset all my passwords.

OneSafe - can’t imagine not having it

We have over three hundred accounts that require a username and password. OneSafe holds all of this information and most importantly it sync this data across all of our devices (our iPad, two iPhones, and our two MacBooks). As long as we have access to one of these devices- we have our usernames and passwords. OneSafe is simply great!

Technical support

Tech support was good when I needed help with synchronization.

Extremely useful

The only bad thing I can say about Onesafe is that its startup time is a little slow. But that’s just because of how secure and encrypted my data is. Plus, you can use your fingerprint to unlock it, which makes it way easier! I would recommend Onesafe to anybody


Absolutely trash, takes 10 minutes to load everytime I open the app.

Invaluable tool

Very easy to set up and use. Great way to organize and retain information you need everyday.

Great app.

Very simple to use and create password reminders and you can also secure pictures and videos which is great.


This single app is a LIFE SAVER. I’m 67 and reasonably savvy. Why try to remember all the ever-changing passwords (upper case, lower case, numbers and symbols) when I can use OneSafe. This app makes me more savvy. Because of OneSafe I now have a swagger.... anytime and everywhere. John

Works well

I really like this app. Try it for yourself.

Awesome app

Had it over a year and had no problems

Get this app immediately

I recommend it daily, and I use it daily. Very stable-makes life in the internet era so much easier!

Meets all criteria

Love this app, especially the second level/double protection. I feel that level would be difficult to breach. Highly recommend this Security app.

Awesome App

I have use this app for a long time and it really helps me out every day because I have a hard time remembering all the passwords (lol). I have never had any problems with security or app malfunctions

Totally awesome.

This app has made my life so much easier. Knowing all of my passwords for home and work is simply impossible. I live that I can sync it between devices.

A Daily Staple App

This app is used multiple times daily... don’t know where I’d be without it. I love the clean interface and the multiple access options. I use an iPhone 8 and the app runs speedily (or at least much more quickly than on my old iPhone 6).

Great App!!!

Storing information safely is certainly eases the mind. Thank you.

Still having problems

Lee’s freezing, shutting down. I have factory restored my iPhone. I have deleted the app. I re-downloaded the app and was not able to get my backup FILLED with ALL my necessary credentials I’ve accumulated over the past 5 years with the old versions etcetera . Used to rely on this app but cannot do so anymore. I’ve continuously been in contact with support and they all ridiculously ask for the same report logs and tell me to delete the app and download it again. Your company is a sham. Update: Still NO Help, just the same requests to delete the app again and re-install. Bogus. Then they asked if I had large files. If there is some kind of limitation then that definitely NEEDS to be disclosed BEFORE we purchase the app. But it’s as if they don’t even care about us buying the app; or enough to SUPPORT it. Despicable.

Feels safe

I love this app to keep track of all the things I can’t remember. It feels secure and I like that.

Excellent app

I normally forget passwords, and keeping them in notes were very difficult. It gives me different categories, and safety.

Been using this app for two years

Been using OneSafe for two years. Very easy to setup and use. Highly recommend this app.

Great app

Great app


It’s ok

Awesome Product For A Failing Memory

This product is a must if you deal with passwords daily for work or home use it is bar none the best password software i have used ! From the use of thumb print login to photo backup of your wallet and its contents. it’s awesome i can say enough about how useful this app is!

Love this App!

I’ve been using the app for three years and I love it. It does a great job generating passwords I love the touch login. And it works perfectly. No problems at all. Everyone in my family uses this app.

It's the Wizard of Password apps!

OneSafe magically holds all of your private information, casts some cloaking encryption spells on them, and Ouija Board style gives you random passwords to use for each individual account that would be very difficult for others to guess. It does all this while only requiring a main password to be remembered, or biometric fingerprint used... AND I didn't even need my Acceptance Letter to Hogwarts🧙🏻‍♂️. Bravo! 👏🏻

IPhone X easy

Incorporates face logon Love the in-App google search for icons Take front and back images of cards Easy to copy pwd for pasting Just everything you need.

Easy to use

This app has saved me so many times from not remembering logins. So easy to use!


Fantastic password manager program. Works flawlessly. As safe as you can get.

Works well

The app is easy to organize and has been stable for over a year.

Love this app

I love the ease at finding my passwords. I turned my husband on to it too

Great app

Love the fact that all of my complex passwords are with me when I need them. Make sure you have them backed up in case something happens to your phone.


Great app

Good App

This app has made my life easier in this world of changing passwords to avoid fraud. Not only do I keep all of my passwords here, I keep my husband’s also. I recommend this app.

Sanity Saver

oneSafe has really preserved my sanity. In our digital age, with all of the different passwords that I have to remember, my brain would probably be fried. This app provides a safe and secure place to record and manage all of my logins, user IDs, passwords and additional info. Very user friendly. I started with Dropbox Basic and have just updated to Dropbox Plus. Give it a try ~ you won’t be disappointed!

Ultimate convenience

With OneSafe, I can easily retrieve my passwords as well as check how safe and strong my passwords are.

Use it every day!

Get this app and never forget any of your million passwords!

Not user friendly

Unable to load more than one card password on this app. I want my money back!

Great app!

App is easy to use and works beautifully!

Several year user

So glad to have the convenience v

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