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Excellent App.... but special characters

This app has made my life significantly easier with changing and saving passwords. I use it almost daily. My one complaint is that there’s limited control on the special characters and some sites don’t allow the ones the app does. I wish there was a way to select which ones can/will be used. I’ve had to manually adjust the password so that the site, I am using it on, will accept it, which kind of defeats the purpose of randomly generated. I will add that I think the sites I have to do this for should add the additional characters, because “duh” more special characters means more combinations available, but many companies are still slow to catch on to the benefits of doing so.

Does not import data and crashes

I have used version 3 for several years satisfactorily. Upgraded to v4 (waste of $3.99) and encountered two problems. 1. Only one category of data can be imported. 2. App crashes frequently. Until this app works as promised, I do not recommend purchasing it. Deleting it from my iPhone now.


Would be a good app if it didn’t crash all the time!


Have not seen a more secure app around. A++++++++++


It’s so nice to have an app that simply works as intended. Five stars! Get it. Use it. You need it.

Quick & Smart

Stand alone & responsive to work, with excellent support. I checked other apps with to many charging periodic fees which would defeat or slow down my paranoia. I got to many other things to do rather than worrying about security. Some day I will read the fine manual, which is already to long to read. Glad that the videos help, but I need the time for that. Good that it is intuitive for idiots such as me.

Please fix the constant crashing

This app used to be a very stable password manager. But on iOS 11 with Dropbox and iCloud, this app is constantly crashing after navigating through the app. Very frustrating. Please fix ASAP. Will change review after bug is fixed.


A must-have app for the security-conscious

Love it!

Been a user for 4 years, continue to love it and rely on it daily!

Not bad

Guys you need to fix the app on iOS 11. It glitches, freezes and shots down on its own. Once fixed should be a good app. Also duplicates keep reappearing for no apparent reason. Do something about it please.

Latest version crashes

Crashes every time I select the “work” category.

My right arm

In a world that needs a password for everything, One Safe keeps me sane.

Synchronization does not work

I used oneSafe 3 for more than a year and made the mistake of moving to version 4. I tried all the methods to sync my data between my iPad and iPhone to no avail. Support never answered.

What everyone needs

I have been using onesafe for a few years now and I must say that it is Fantastic.

Great app!!

Love this app. I use it all the time. Too many passwords to remember. One safe stores them all.


I paid the upgrade to version 4 from 3. There is a lag opening the app or just any action in the new app. The worst part is, it close by itself during use and I have to reopen 75% of the time. Version 3 looks great and running very smoothly for me. Feeling regret upgrading to version 4.

Broke or human error?

Started to add 30 accounts, went for dinner, came back to continue, and everything disappeared......


Like it

Actually, the app is perfect.

Easy to use, this app is essential for everyone with a digital footprint.

Rock Solid!

This app has saved me so many times. It is the coolest of cool. You can search google in the app for your favorite icon to identify your passwords. It tells you how many times you have used a password and the strength or weakness of. PW. The list goes on. The one thing I wish on Windows stores vvetsion was good, It totally stinks


Since iOS 11 this app crashes quite often. It usually crashes as I’m changing from one folder to another. I still like it, but it’s almost borderline of being unreliable.

Simple but efficient

This is an app that provides a very easy/user-friendly and yet efficient way to keep track of all the accounts (and it’s passwords) that our every-day life requires .

Safe works great!

Works great! Only issue is it repeats or doubles, triples and quadruples the same entry! In each “folder”

Нужна полная костомизация

Считаю, лучший менеджер паролей, только жаль что нет версии для Windows (было бы сверхудобством). Люблю возможность костомизации, это круто! Но почему вы не разрешает использовать свои изображения для фона карточек? Или возможность загрузки из Google, как это реализовано со значками. Очень не хватает этой возможности для полного счастья. Жду ответа от разработчиков☺️

Happy with it

No objections so far. Safe & Reasonably priced. Highly recommended.


Ever since the latest update it crashes immediately after I use fingerprint ID. I'm on 10.3.3. Having to reset all my passwords now. I tried their website for support but it just appears to be just one big ad.

Great App

Helps me keep up with those things you easily forget, especially if not used often!

Very clean and effective!

I have found this app to be very well balanced with almost no bugs. Easy user interface and easy to read graphics. Well done!

Makes online security easy!!!

Using different, secure passwords for each account is so easy with OneSafe. Plus you can store copies of IDs and other important information. Life saver for me on a number of occasions.


Like it. Desktop version is different and had problems meshing. Gave up using desktop awhile ago. Use iOS app version exclusively. Works well.

Fantastic App

Easy to use and great safety features.

I.Am.Not.Happy!!!! Buggy Buggy Buggy

For you to want to charge more you would think the app would work better. Between version 3-4 I’ve had more freezing and crashing than ever. HELLOOOOOO developers I can’t go thru the app to report “bugs” BECAUSE it won’t even open ... All my info is on this app .. I will be looking for a backup/replacement ASAP. Been a user for 2+ years 😡

Nice app to hide porn.

Nice little app for me to hide all my porn. No one ever will find out. I love the double lock feature after Touch ID( a lock inside specific category).

Opening the app is painfully slower than the previous version

OneSafe was a great app. But for whatever reason, in iOS 11, every time I open this app (which can be multiple times a day, it is a password keeper app after all) it hangs for a considerable pause, which is unacceptable. The previous version had no such lag. Seriously this hang needs to be fixed. Your app needs to load instantaneously, because I need the password, and that’s it. Like at the bank, the line is so long out the door, and all I want is to get in and out with my money, all I want with your app is to get in and out with my password! I’m downgrading to the older version until this gets fixed. Thank you. Other than that, this was and hopefully will be again one day, a GREAT app! :-)

Love it

Perfect for storing all kinds of passwords

Problems from day one

Not sure if this is an apple glitch or a developer problem but here's the problems I've had with this app: I bought this app on my iPhone and went to download it onto my iPad as well but they wanted me to pay for the app again. Then to top it off I had to reset my phone and lost the app so thinking I could just download it from the cloud like the other apps, it wouldn't let me and wanted me to pay for the app again.

Never say, “I don’t recall”.

Keeping track of all those passwords and clever sentences and codes is heck for me. This app helps me create strong passwords and even usernames. They are all in a safe place on my phone which is always with me.


Your support website says to email with lots of pictures. I’ did that over 3 weeks ago and I have still heard nothing. So frustrated! upgraded to new Onesafe 4 and old onesafe is still on my Phone. All cards are duplicated for some reason AND no total number of cards is the same between the old version on my phone, my Mac, and the new phone version! Syncing issues all over the place. Please help me so I’ can give better rating.

Best app of it's kind

Been using OneSafe for two years. Very easy to setup and use. Highly recommend this app.

Perfect App

Love the app. Simple, but very effective. Questions are answered quickly. It’s very flexible for any need. The facial recognition access is as quick as the print. Great product.

Poor customer service

Even after the app update to fix the Dropbox sync issue, I still can't access my passwords. Developer seems to have very little interest in getting this resolved. Won't be using this any longer. It's not worth the poor customer service.

Crashes often

Very good app, but last update crashes often on iPhone 6

Хорошее приложение.


Great piece of software

Easy to use and easy to upload new data. Much better than several other apps that I have tried.

Best Password Manager

This app is the BEST password manager out there!! It is also fantastic for storing all sorts of important personal information. Their tech support is 2nd to none! If you have a problem they are receptive and quick to respond.

Make me pay again when I already paid, broken back ups

Wasn’t happy when asked to pay again, for a new version, pretty unheard of. Then it took many tries before completely integrating the data from previous version. Now it works well but I don’t understand why they removed the alphabet column for quick navigation.

Safe and sound

I have used the app for several years, and it is essential to my life. All of my most important files are housed in One Safe, and I sleep peacefully every night because of it.


Super happy

Good but

The app is really good. Simple to use. It allows you to connect several storage just Incase you loose your data on this app. You can have many different folders for how important your password is and etc... Colors are neat. Very organized. So this app disconnected my storage method because I had update on my phone. I set up a password to lock. But I forgot it. Hopefully you can add some ways for me to reset. Thank you.

Nice product, good service.

I used version 3 for a few years. I have LOT information loaded. Upgraded to version 4 and had trouble. I filed a bug report and Lunabee quickly followed up. An update a few days later fixed my issue. Good support on a low cost app - nice.

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