oneSafe 4 password manager App Reviews

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Great App!!!

Storing information safely is certainly eases the mind. Thank you.

Still having problems

Lee’s freezing, shutting down. I have factory restored my iPhone. I have deleted the app. I re-downloaded the app and was not able to get my backup FILLED with ALL my necessary credentials I’ve accumulated over the past 5 years with the old versions etcetera . Used to rely on this app but cannot do so anymore. I’ve continuously been in contact with support and they all ridiculously ask for the same report logs and tell me to delete the app and download it again. Your company is a sham. Update: Still NO Help, just the same requests to delete the app again and re-install. Bogus. Then they asked if I had large files. If there is some kind of limitation then that definitely NEEDS to be disclosed BEFORE we purchase the app. But it’s as if they don’t even care about us buying the app; or enough to SUPPORT it. Despicable.

Feels safe

I love this app to keep track of all the things I can’t remember. It feels secure and I like that.

Excellent app

I normally forget passwords, and keeping them in notes were very difficult. It gives me different categories, and safety.

Been using this app for two years

Been using OneSafe for two years. Very easy to setup and use. Highly recommend this app.

Great app

Great app


It’s ok

Awesome Product For A Failing Memory

This product is a must if you deal with passwords daily for work or home use it is bar none the best password software i have used ! From the use of thumb print login to photo backup of your wallet and its contents. it’s awesome i can say enough about how useful this app is!

Love this App!

I’ve been using the app for three years and I love it. It does a great job generating passwords I love the touch login. And it works perfectly. No problems at all. Everyone in my family uses this app.

It's the Wizard of Password apps!

OneSafe magically holds all of your private information, casts some cloaking encryption spells on them, and Ouija Board style gives you random passwords to use for each individual account that would be very difficult for others to guess. It does all this while only requiring a main password to be remembered, or biometric fingerprint used... AND I didn't even need my Acceptance Letter to Hogwarts🧙🏻‍♂️. Bravo! 👏🏻

IPhone X easy

Incorporates face logon Love the in-App google search for icons Take front and back images of cards Easy to copy pwd for pasting Just everything you need.

Easy to use

This app has saved me so many times from not remembering logins. So easy to use!


Fantastic password manager program. Works flawlessly. As safe as you can get.

Works well

The app is easy to organize and has been stable for over a year.

Love this app

I love the ease at finding my passwords. I turned my husband on to it too

Great app

Love the fact that all of my complex passwords are with me when I need them. Make sure you have them backed up in case something happens to your phone.


Great app

Good App

This app has made my life easier in this world of changing passwords to avoid fraud. Not only do I keep all of my passwords here, I keep my husband’s also. I recommend this app.

Sanity Saver

oneSafe has really preserved my sanity. In our digital age, with all of the different passwords that I have to remember, my brain would probably be fried. This app provides a safe and secure place to record and manage all of my logins, user IDs, passwords and additional info. Very user friendly. I started with Dropbox Basic and have just updated to Dropbox Plus. Give it a try ~ you won’t be disappointed!

Ultimate convenience

With OneSafe, I can easily retrieve my passwords as well as check how safe and strong my passwords are.

Use it every day!

Get this app and never forget any of your million passwords!

Not user friendly

Unable to load more than one card password on this app. I want my money back!

Great app!

App is easy to use and works beautifully!

Several year user

So glad to have the convenience v

Awesomely easy to use!

This app keeps all my passwords and makes it easy to chain and link to my profiles with a ‘click’. I use this app on a daily basis and have for years. This app is also updated often which gives me peace of mind, knowing they continue to protect my information with an ever evolving cyber work.

Best Pass App

Now days with so many passwords it’s hard to keep track of them all. Things I love about this app- fingerprint to unlock, easy to organize passwords, search feature, updates across different devices, and safe backup. It’s a must get.

I have been using One Safe for 3 Years

This app is really good. If you need a way of keeping track of passwords on the go, at home, at work, etc. then this is the way to go.

Can’t do without it

OneSafe has been the only way I can keep track of all my passwords.

Very good.

Works as advertised seem less iPhone iPad integration. Simple to use. No setup problems. Intuitive.

Never say, “I don’t recall”.

Keeping track of all those passwords and clever sentences and codes is heck for me. This app helps me create strong passwords and even usernames. They are all in a safe place on my phone which is always with me.

Works well overall......but!

Works well overall, but it needs to be updated for iPhone X facial recognition. I need to use my password every time I need to use the app.

Excellent App

Love this app. So simple and easy to use!

Best App Ever!!

This app is one of the best apps out there. It keeps all my passwords and personal information secure and easy to maneuver. I can’t live without it. I have all my employees utilize it as well.

I love this app it's better than others

I give us a five star rating because it does what it is supposed to do. Also they have improved on it even more thank you

Great App

This is an excellent app for saving and protecting all of your passwords. Layout and ease of use is great!

Love it!

Been a user for 4 years, continue to love it and rely on it daily!

Great App!

I frequently use this app for storing user name and passwords for all things that require passwords. I also use it to store pictures I’ve taken such as license numbers, VIN numbers, serial numbers, model numbers of my appliances, etc. this app has saved me a of time. Highly recommended!

Great password app!

This app has made keeping track of various credentials so much easier across my various IOS devices.

The best I tried by far

This app is amazingly easy to use and practical. Very aesthetically pleasing to the eye and human friendly in term os usage easement.

The best

Very useful & it's life saving for me Customer service is great But please Just one request Make it faster to open

Phenomenal App!

Where others are charging tons every month, This app is literally providing the same features at one time cost of less than a coffee at Starbucks.

newest phone fastest processors

Y still so slow to open?? iPhone X 11.3 os

Excellent protection

I really like that my passwords are organized by category and are available on all my Apple products. Great to copy and paste complex passwords.

Love the app!

OneSafe continues to be, hands down, the best password management app out there. And if that isn't enough, their customer/tech support is outstanding! Any time I've had an issue -- any issue -- they were immediate in their response and the fix was good. Thanks guys, for coming to my rescue once more!

Solid and stable.

Definitely very happy with OneSafe. One of the last remaining non monthly payment requires encrypted password keeper. Great features and backup between devices through Dropbox.

OneSafe is worth it!

Great app-really happy with it after 2 yrs of use

Safe & Secure

Excellent is all I can say !

Great app but won’t let me open it

Great app but it keeps crashing and won’t let me in after the update would give it 5 stars if it would let me use it

Great resource to have

I use it quite often, it's safe to get into and easy to use. Highly recommended.

Great App and Great Support

I love the layout and security of this app. I had the older version and wanted to switch to the newest one. I submitted a question to their support on how to transfer my passwords and they got back to me in less than 24 hours with details on how to transfer everything and gave me a few different ways to do it. The guy who responded was really professional and kind.

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